Cacao Ceremony: a Ritual for Spiritual Growth

Do you remember the times as a child when you came home after playing in the snow and your parents made you a cup of cacao?

How gratefully you sipped from the small cup, feeling the warm gold gently run down your throat. I vividly remember these moments! Back then, I had no idea how powerful cacao really is and what great benefits it reaps for your spiritual journey. This is the reason why I want to introduce you to an incredibly beautiful ceremony: the cacao ceremony.

Cacao ceremony

Today’s content in a nutshell

  1. What is a cacao ceremony?

  2. What does a cacao ceremony look like

  3. What experiences will I have at a ceremony

  4. What are the advantages of cacao

  5. What type of cacao do I need?

  6. A starting point recipe

1. What is a cacao ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies are a shamanic ritual which is grounded in the culture of the Olmec. The Mayas and Inkas have practiced these ceremonies for centuries and passed them on to the western world. The goal of a cacao ceremony is the gaining of clarity and self-efficacy. It also assists you in letting go of inner blockages and it helps you create inner harmony. Moreover, its effect is very grounding, and your appreciation of Patchamama will grow and flourish.

How does this work, you may ask? Cacao is a medicine and teacher plant, and if we let her, she will share her knowledge with us in this ceremony. Each plant has a consciousness and expresses itself in a certain way. In a safe setting, we get to experience its power and learn from a consciousness of great wisdom. Since we want to experience the rawness and nature of every plant, only raw cacao is suitable for this purpose.

2. What does a cacao ceremony look like?

A cacao ceremony is usually held in groups. The most important rule is, that there are no rules for it. Usually, the group sits together and drinks the cacao while meditating and doing breath work. In this group, you have your safe space to talk about everything that is on your chest. Every thought, emotion, doubt, trauma, or happy moment.

There are no rules because cacao is a powerful plant that can be used for various purposes. You can use it as a therapeutic aid for trauma, or you may use it as a playful and open guide for spiritual expansion.

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The best preparation for a cacao ceremony looks like this:

Please do not any meat or diary before a ceremony, this will interfere with the plant. Moreover, try not to eat 3-4 hours before the ceremony. For the ceremony itself, try not to prepare yourself.

Be open and receptive to whatever experience comes up for you, let it flow.

The most important part of every ceremony is the integration afterwards. So please make sure you participate in a ritual with an expert, so they can hold the space for you to freely integrate your experiences.

3. What experiences will I have at a ceremony?

This brings us to the question of, what do you have to integrate? During the cacao ceremony, it is very likely that you will experience strong emotions, positive or negative. You might feel like you’re letting go of old baggage and gaining new perspective on your life. Answers you have been seeking for months may now be ready for you to access. All of this has to be integrated into your life and understanding.

4. What are the advantages of cacao?

Cacao itself is considered to be a superfood. It has many minerals, such as magnesium, which improves your heart health and ensures proper brain functioning. It also has antioxidant benefits and many vitamins that ensure cardiovascular health.

Moreover, it contains serotonin, the “happiness hormone” which boosts your mood and lowers levels of depression. It also contains Tryptophan and Anandamide which connect one to greater spiritual realms, opens one to experience deep frequencies of love and connectedness and opens the heart.

5. What type of cacao do I need?

The best cacao would be 100% pure cacao in order to have the purest and best experience. It is crucial that the cacao is kept in a cool, dry place and is isolated beforehand. It should not melt or absorb any flavours around it.

6. A starting point recipe

The following recipe is a good place to start with cacao:

  • ½ cup plant milk (oat milk is my preference)
  • 1 cube cacao
  • ½ cup drinking water
  • ½ teaspoon milled cinnamon
  • a little vanilla
  • a bit of chilli or cayenne pepper

But there are no rules here; you can use the herbs and sweet ingredients you wish.

Other ingredients you could use to make it sweeter:

  • agave
  • dates
  • banana
  • maple sirup

Just be aware that you don’t use cow’s milk or any other dairy products. Prepare your cacao with love and appreciation and enjoy every minute of it!

To sum it all up:

A cacao ceremony is a great way to open your heart and let go of inner blockages. It does not only bring you further on your spiritual journey, but it also has great benefits for your body. It is a superfood that enriches your cells with multiple minerals and vitamins. It also boosts your mood.

This ceremony is a great way to connect to Patchamama and the higher spiritual realms in a safe space. Therefore, make sure you have guidance on your journey and have enough time and professional assistance for the integration of your experience.

Much love,


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