Meditation for greater focus and relaxation – a starting point for the journey

Looking at our western culture, it seems odd to ask people to sit still with their own thoughts for just a few minutes every day.

We have become so busy and dependent on constant distractions that we often lose our sense of self completely.

But how do we get back to who we truly are and how can we develop a deeper sense of well-being and contentment? Well, meditation is a great way to do so, and therefore, I want to introduce you to different types of meditation that I found to be helpful on my own journey.


Today’s content in a nutshell

  1. What is meditation?

  2. The goals of meditation

  3. The gifts of meditation

  4. Different types of meditation

  5. Tipps for the practice itself

  6. The most crucial facts

1. What is meditation?

The term “meditation” is derived from the Latin word “meditation,” which essentially means “thinking about.” It describes the pathway of your thinking, from your everyday thoughts to a focused state of mind. Therefore, meditation can be considered to achieve a certain state of mind.

It can be used for relaxation purposes, as well as for developing greater focus or doing conscious breath work. Meditation is a spiritual technique that deepens your sense of self and consciousness.

2. The goals of meditation

Since we often find our minds occupied with a multitude of thoughts at any given time, meditation helps us calm our minds down. The goal is to watch them and not invest in or interact with them. Therefore, you will find yourself becoming more calm and your thought may appear less noisy.

3. The gifts of meditation

Meditation does not only calm your mind and deepen your sense of self, it also has a powerful affect on your nervous system, as well as your brain in itself.

Meditation not only calms your mind and deepens your sense of self; it also has a powerful effect on your nervous system and brain.

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To show you just a few additional advantages, I want you to consider this list:

  1. Promotes regeneration
  2. Greater levels of inner freedom and peace (not only during the meditation itself)
  3. Enhancement of positive thinking and optimism
  4. Stress reduction
  5. Reduction of blood pressure
  6. Greater levels of concentration
  7. Improves your overall mood
  8. It enhances the quality of your sleep

So, if meditation isn’t a superpower, I don’t know what else is?!

4. Different types of meditation

1. Guided Meditation

Especially for beginners, this is the perfect type of meditation to get started. For the first few tries, your mind will most likely be as noisy as it has never been before, but trust me, it will quiet down eventually. Just try to focus all of your attention on the voice of the person guiding you, and you will notice the shift in your state of mind.

2. Focus Meditation

You are about to have an important meeting or you are about to hit the gym, but your energy levels are low. Focus meditation is your gamechanger. In this meditation, you channel all your energy into one particular thing, for example, your breath. And once you come out of this deep state of mind, you are more focused and energized than before! Trust me, this works every time!

3. Mantra-Meditation

This type is very similar to Focus Meditation since it allows you to focus purely on the mantra you choose. Your mantra can be one word or a sentence that calms you down. Whatever it is, just keep repeating it in your head and focus on it.

4. Fantasising Meditation

In this meditation, you make use of your imagination. Imagine a quiet and calming place where you feel at home. Try to keep your thoughts occupied with this imaginative picture and fully engage in this experience.

5. Silent Meditation

This is the type of meditation for advanced meditators since it’s a bit harder to do. Once you don’t focus your attention on something or repeat a mantra, your mind is very prone to jumping back to its natural speed of thoughts. Yet, silent meditation is all about sitting with yourself and watching your thoughts pass by like clouds. Try not to move your body and don’t try to manipulate your breath. Just sit and watch yourself.

5. Tipps for the practice itself

Tipp 1: Choose the right time

Ideally, you meditate right before you go to bed or right after you wake up. Since these are the times of the day when your brain is naturally in a state that is close to the state that you will achieve in meditation. Therefore, it is a lot easier to reap the benefits during these times of the day. Every other time works too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just a bit more work.

Tipp 2: The right place

I probably don’t have to explain to you why it is easier to meditate in a quiet, peaceful, and comforting place. Try to find a place that works for you and make sure to turn down all possible distractions. You may want to put headphones on or close all the windows. Whatever you need to do to feel most comfortable.

Tipp 3: Additional hacks to maximize your benefits

You may want to drink a glass of water before you start to make sure that every cell is perfectly hydrated. Light a candle or turn off the lights to create an atmosphere of your liking. Use pillows or blankets to get as comfortable as possible. This practice is meant to be fun.

6. The most important fact:

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to meditate for 3 hours a day to see changes in your brain and body. Try to meditate for 5 -10 minutes every day for the next month and see how you feel. Try to be open to this new experience and enjoy the new benefits as they unfold in your daily life.

“It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle.”

So, what do you want to create?

To sum it all up:

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and body and get into a greater state of focus and concentration. It not only benefits your health, but also your work-life and your overall mood. It is a spiritual practice that can open you to new realms of the universe and gift you with a deeper sense of self whenever it’s needed. And the greatest thing about it: ist that you only need yourself. That’s all.

Have a great week,


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