Reiki – a wonderful practice to return to yourself

Do you feel like life is really asking everything of you? Do you feel tired, sick, down, or frustrated?

Well, me too! If you take a look at your circle of friends, it is very likely that they feel some sort of low energy. Because let us be honest, this year, so far, has been very challenging. Not only for our bodies and psyches, but for our souls and emotional and energetic worlds as well.

Is there any possibility to recharge and feel even a little bit lighter and more energetic? There is!

I have recently finished my master in Reiki and I want to use this fantastic chance to introduce you to a practice that is my first aid whenever I feel down or low. Let’s get started!


Today’s content in a nutshell

  1. What exactly is Reiki

  2. Types of Reiki

  3. Usui Reiki

  4. Advantages of Usui Reiki

  5. Book Recommendation

  6. This is your chance to try Reiki

1. What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy based natural healing technique that helps you relieve blockages in the mind and body. Moreover, it can restore vital energy to the body, which makes it an incredibly powerful practice. Reiki works by placing hands off the body or slightly touching the body. It can also be done from afar.

2. Types of Reiki

Jikiden Reiki (Eastern Reiki)

This is the purest form of Reiki since it was not altered or changed by any practitioner. The technique of Jikiden Reiki is very similar to Usui Reiki, yet they have differences in delivery and style. This is the most practiced form of Reiki. It assists the recovery of addictions and the recovery from illness and surgery.

Karuna Reiki

This form of Reiki helps with compassion and the frequency of love. It is an advanced form of Reiki and therefore really powerful. It assists in all areas of life and guides the individual to even greater physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Lightarian Reiki

This form of Reiki is an expanded form of Usui Reiki. It takes the practitioner even further into the journey and experience.

Sekehem or Seichim Reiki

This form of Reiki uses the four elements in order to assist clients on their healing journey. It allows for the opening of chakras and removes negative energy.

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3. Usui Reiki

There are many different forms of Reiki. Personally, I practice and apply Usui Reiki, which was founded by Mikao Usui over 100 years ago. It is a Japanese healing practice that focuses on regaining

wholeness and balance within the body. It is applied to heal the self and other people.

Usui Reiki consists of four different aspects:

  • The Healing Practice
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Discipline
  • Mystic Order

They describe the way the healing process works. The healing practice itself is done through the hands and energy work with oneself or other people. Through the practice, students may become aware of old thinking patterns and blockages that they want to let go of in order to continue their path towards wholeness. Moreover, the practice is an opportunity to connect with spirits and, therefore, can be considered a spiritual practice. The Mystic Order describes the mystical and spiritual experiences that occur during the practice. It awakens a sense of higher self and greater purpose, as well as a better understanding of the whole.

Usui Reiki also combines nine different elements:

  • Oral Tradition
  • Spiritual Lineage
  • History
  • Initiation
  • Symbols
  • Treatment
  • Form of Teaching
  • Monetary Exchange
  • Precepts

4. Advantages of Reiki

You may ask yourself, what are the benefits of this energetic practice? Well, here are some:

  • Stress reduction
  • Helps spiritual growth
  • It increases self-healing abilities
  • Balancing the chakras
  • It increases quality of sleep
  • Emotional cleansing of past trauma
  • It enhances general feelings of relaxation
  • Relaxes the mind and relieves anxiety.
  • Womb support with fertility

5. Book Recommendation

If you love to read, I want to introduce you to a good book about Reiki healing. This is a great introduction to the topic, which gives you a brief understanding of how powerful Reiki is. Enjoy your reading!

Reiki Master

Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease.

M. Usui

M. Usui

6. This is your chance to try Reiki

As you see, Reiki has many different advantages to it. This is the reason for my practice and work as a Reiki master. Are you curious and willing to try it yourself? Do you want to feel the benefits first hand? Well, I have good news for you. I am a Reiki master and I offer Reiki healing for everybody.

If you feel ready and called to Reiki, feel free to contact me and book a session with me.

It’s a blessing to serve you.


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