The Nine Centres of Human Design

It’s time for the second part of our Human Design series.

So today we are going to look at the nine specific Centres that Human Design revolves around.

This information may provide insight into why you are a more analytical and often “occupied with your own thoughts” type of person, or why you are generally free and flexible when it comes to new ideas. Also, it may hold answers to the following question: “Why do some people just always seem to have the right words, while others barely have an idea of what they can say in a given situation?”

Are you ready to get to know yourself on that level?

Human Design types

Wisdom in a nutshell

  1. The Chakra 101

  2. The Nine Centres explained

1. The Chakra 101

What is a chakra and how does it work?

Good question! Chakras are energetic Centres that are placed all over your body. The tricky part is that you can’t see them with your eyes because they’re on the subtle tier. They constantly catch up on the energy that flows around you, and they are great sources of energetic power.

How does Human Design work with Chakras (Centres)?

Looking at your Human Design chart you will notice that some Centres are coloured while some are white. The colourful Centres are the ones that are activated, also called “defined”. These Centres have a great depth of energy by themselves, and therefore, your energy is more balanced and steady in this particular area. The white Centres are the ones that are “undefined” and therefore more receptive to the energy around you. Particularly to the energy of people who have this as their defined Centre.

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2. The Nine Centres explained

1. The Crown

When your Crown is undefined, you tend to be very connected to the world of spirituality. It’s easy to get into contact with spiritual beings and you are very receptive to mystical experiences and experiencing different dimensions of reality.

If your Crown is defined, your Ajna Centre will be defined too. You tend to be more closed-minded and structural in your thinking. You are not particularly open to new ideas and concepts and prefer to stick to what you know to work.

2. The Anja Centre

This one is responsible for your capacity to understand concepts and your sense of safety. If this Centre is defined, your challenge is to open yourself up to the energy and wisdom that lies around you. You may even want to consider listening to other people’s ideas and trying to be more open-minded. If this Centre is undefined, your challenge is to evolve a greater sense of self-assurance.

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3. The Throat Centre

This Centre is your source of communication and holds the power to manifest words into action. The Throat Centre as an undefined Centre is most often characterized by a lack of the right words. You may find yourself in situations where it’s hard for you to express your feelings and wants. For you, it feels like you never really find the right words. If this Centre is defined, you are most likely that person who never runs out of the right vocabulary.

4. The Self Centre

This one represents your direction in life. It also shows how sure you are of yourself when it comes to the tricky question of “who am I?” People who have this as an undefined Centre often find themselves struggling with their sense of self-worth and are easily influenced by the world around them. Yet, this as a defined Centre gifts people with a strong sense of self and a greater feeling of self-love.

5. The Solar Plexus Centre

This Centre gives us more information about your emotional world. If this Centre is defined, you will find it easy to process your own emotions. Furthermore, you find yourself having no problem with keeping healthy emotional boundaries in every relationship. To the contrary, people whose Solar Plexus Centre is undefined have more difficulty differentiating between their own and other people’s emotions. Therefore, it’s crucial for these people to find ways to build healthy boundaries before they collapse.

6. The Heart Centre

This right here is your Centre of willpower and ego. People with a defined Heart Centre are known for their great willpower and perseverance. These people have to pay attention to the question: “Is this thing really worth my energy and time?” since they can waste a great deal of their energy running after the wrong things. Funny enough, just very few people on this planet have a defined Heart Centre, so you often find them to be very fascinating. They have an aura that makes people feel safe and protected around them. They are the ones who possess a great deal of boldness, which enables them to convince people with ease. For these people, it is crucial to never neglect their resting periods!

Yet for most of us, we find ourselves with an undefined Heart Centre. This doesn’t mean that we lack willpower completely; we just have a little less of it. These people may often find themselves trying to do more and be more in hopes of achieving this aura that people with a defined Heart Centre so naturally have. Therefore, you may want to work on your habit of comparing yourself with other people. But the biggest attribute of people with an undefined Heart Centre that makes them truly powerful is the flexibility and wisdom they hold when it comes to helping people evolve in the ways they want for themselves.

7. The Spleen Centre

Centre of intuition and spontaneity too. And as if this wasn’t enough, it also represents your immune system and it’s the Centre of survival. Moreover, it holds your sense of safety.

In case this Centre is undefined you may be someone who really enjoys being around people with a defined Spleen Centre. Since you lack a sense of safety on your own, you really like the feeling of protection that other people may hold for you. But be careful. This can be an extremely dangerous pitfall. Because if you happen to make yourself dependent on someone who doesn’t hold your best interests at heart, this can cause a great deal of damage physically, mentally, and emotionally. So please make sure you evolve a healthy sense of safety on your own so you may never end up in a co-dependent relationship that hurts you badly.

The opposite of this holds true for people with a defined Spleen Centre. These people seem to naturally follow their intuition and have a sense of trust in themselves and in the world around them. Around these people, everyone feels safe. If you find yourself in this group of people, make sure you never miss a sign from your intuition. Too often we brush the subtle, yet important, signs aside, thinking they aren’t that important. But they are. So please make sure you pay attention to what your wise inner voice is telling you.

8. The Sacral Centre

Now we have arrived at your powerhouse, your inner fire, which fuels you with energy and passion. If you have a defined Sacral Centre you have a great amount of life energy and you just never seem to burn out when you do the things you love. For you, there is no cut-off switch; you take action and do the work it takes. You’re just full of energy.

People with an undefined Sacral Centre usually work in teams and more frequently. This energy is less sexual, and they carry a certain sense of innocence. These people are more prone to burnout and stress. Therefore, it’s really important to check your level of energy time and time again and make sure to not overwork yourself.

9. The Root Centre

This one is your foundation for life. It represents how grounded and rooted you are in every aspect of life. It’s your Centre of basic trust and inner peace.

People with a defined Root Centre are very grounded and down to earth. They are usually very quiet, peaceful and have a deep sense of trust that everything will work out in the way it is meant to.

If this Centre is undefined, you are more prone to worrying and you don’t have that deep sense of trust in life. You may even feel like you have lost the ground under your feet sometimes.

The lesson is clear:

No matter what Centre is defined or undefined, there is no right or wrong way of being. The Human Design doesn’t want you to feel bad about who you are and how you interact with life. It just wants to give you a better understanding of why you are the way you are. More so, it wants to open you up to the great possibility and strength that lie in every Centre, no matter if it’s defined or undefined. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the Centre itself, but what you make of the skills and gifts it holds for you.

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