The Twelve Nights: How You Can Manifest Your Dreams Quickly

How You Can Manifest Your Dreams Quickly

If you had 12 wishes to give, which ones would it be? You better keep them in mind, because this is exactly what we will do. The Twelve Nights are almost here, and it’s time to bring some magic back into our lives.

Are you ready for a year filled with synchronicities, alignment, and magic? Then let’s get started!

Twelve nights rituals

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  1. What are the “Twelve Nights”?
  2. When are the “Twelve Nights”?
  3. The beautiful magic of each night and why there is a thirteenth
  4. Guidance for a ceremony of growth and magic

1. What are the Twelve Nights?

This practice has its roots in Celtic mythology. According to their wisdom, during these twelve nights, the bridge between the mundane and spiritual realms is smaller than at any other time of the year. It’s a time of reflection, stepping back, and cleansing. That’s why it is the perfect time to reset, rethink, and get clear about what we wish for our next year.

Thereby, each night represents a month of the new year. The first night thereof represents January, the second represents February and so forth.

2. When are the Twelve Nights?

There are many different opinions about when the Twelve Nights officially start. Personally, I start in the night from 24 to 25 December. Therefore, I burn my last wish in the night from 5 to 6 December.


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3. The beautiful magic of each night and why there is a thirteenth

You may have already asked yourself, “Why do I do my ritual for 13 nights?”

Each of these nights has its own magic. Therefore, it is useful to practice rituals that are especially valuable and suitable for the individual night and its callings. And there is a thirteenth night that holds special magic that you can tap into as well.

Night 1: 24 to 25 December

This night represents the first month of the next year, January. This night is the perfect time to reflect on your very foundation, your roots, and your background. A question that you may want to ask yourself is: In what ways does my past self influence and impact my present self.

Night 2: 25 to 26 December

The second night represents February. This is the night of your higher self. Take the chance and get clear about your goals, your visions, and your dreams. What would you like to achieve next year? Are there connections you would like to strengthen? How do you want to move forward from where you are now?

Night 3: 26 to 27 December

The third night therefore embodies March, and it is the night of open hearts. You may feel your heart chakra very deeply, and you may feel filled with love and strong, beautiful emotions. This is the night of love, deep connections, and friendship. Therefore, you can reflect on your circle of friends and family. Who was supportive of you, your dreams, and your essence over the last year? Who is touching your heart deeply? Whom are you grateful for?

Night 4: 27 to 28 December

This night embodies April. This night, it is time to think about transformation. It’s about stepping away from negativity and getting closer to fulfillment. You may want to reflect on your habits. Which ones do not serve you? What would you like to transform in your life? What would you like to transform within yourself?

Night 5: 28 to 29 December

This night is the night of friendship and represents May. To get deeper insight into your friendships, you may want to think about these questions. Who are you grateful for? What friendships fell apart? What friendships did you form this year? Are you friends with yourself?

Night 6: 29 to 30 December

This night holds great power regarding reflection and cleansing. It embodies June and helps you reflect on what you want to leave behind. What would you like to let go of? What happened last year that you do not want to carry over into the next year? What experiences do you want to carry with you?

Night 7: 30 to 31 December

After your cleansing and reflection of the past, it is time to step into the future. This night embodies July and prepares you for what is yet to come. Take this night to listen to your intuition. What practice do you need? How would you like to spend this night? Feel free to use your journal and write about whatever you are feeling. It’s the night of the shift between what has been and what comes next.

Night 8: 31 December to 1 January

This night represents August and symbolizes the new beginning. It’s all about fun, passion, happiness, and joy. This is the perfect time to ask yourself: What do I want?

Night 9: 1 to 2 January

Now it’s time for a night of quiet and safety. It embodies September and opens a safe space to think about boundaries. What boundaries do you need next year? How do you want to communicate with them?

Night 10: 2 to 3 January

This night represents October. It’s the night of vision and intuition. On this night, you can find clarity for yourself. What is worth your energy? Where do you want to invest it? Do you trust yourself? Do you trust life? Which areas of your life can you improve or change?

Night 11: 3 to 4 January

Now we enter the night of completion and release, which represents November. Once more you can take the chance to let go of anything that does not serve you and yet still holds place within your mind and body. You may also want to ask yourself: Why am I here? And if you feel called to do so, this night is the right time to face death and your fears around it.

Night 12: 4 to 5 January

This night embodies December, the last month of the new year. It welcomes gratitude and grace. This is the right time to hold gratitude for all the miracles you have in your life. Take the chance and reflect upon the last 11 nights: What are you thankful for?

Night 13: 5 to 6 January

This is a very special night and represents the last night of the ceremony. This night is all about miracles and magic. Take some time to let go of each wish with gratitude and trust that the universe will take care of it. Hold the energy and enjoy the anticipation.

All these nights hold great power and help you learn new aspects of yourself. Therefore, it is very valuable to create your own journal for these few nights that hold space for whatever comes up within you. I invite you to use the questions I shared with you for deep reflection. Take some time each night and give your soul the chance to communicate with you clearly. Take the chance to see your open wounds in the night of cleansing; feel them. And then, let them go gracefully. You are wholesome, you are healing, and you are on the right path.

4. Guidance for a ceremony of growth and magic

Now, you may ask yourself: What wishes can I send out to the universe, and what does the ceremony look like?

First of all, you can ask for anything you want. The only variable that you have to consider is that it has to come from within. It has to be a wish that comes from your heart and that holds meaning for you. The rest is up to your very personal choice.

Your list of wishes

  1. Take 13 notes and a pen.
  2. Write one wish on each note. It is crucial that you use the present tense and use positive formulations. Instead of “I don’t want to be unorganized,” use “I am a very organized person.”
  3. Now fold the notes in a way that makes you unable to differentiate and read them.
  4. Place all notes in a small box or in a glass, so you have all of them ready for each night.

You are now ready to go.

The ceremony

Once the first night has arrived, it’s time to pick the first note. Therefore, close your eyes and let your intuition choose whatever note feels right. You can either grab a note out of the box or glass, or you can place it on the ground or on a table. Once you have chosen your note for the night, hold it in your hand and place it on your chest. Take a moment to breathe into the magic of the night and remember that whatever wish you are holding will come true.

Important is that you do not open the note! It will remain a secret forever. Take the note and bring it to a safe place where you can burn it safely. Personally, I do it above the kitchen sink.

Take a matchstick or a lighter and ignite your note. Breathe in and feel the wish coming true. Hand it over to the Universe and feel the deep trust that everything will align perfectly. Be grateful for the magic this ritual holds and for your wish to come true.

There is one wish left

There is one note left, which is the thirteenth wish I was teasing you about. The last wish stays with you into the night. Here, you are allowed to open and read it. Because this wish, you will fulfill yourself.


The Twelve Nights are an amazing ceremony for cleansing and goal-setting. It allows you to call for the guidance of the universe, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Take the chance and use the universal energy to fulfill your dreams. You are worthy. You are love. Use the magic and see your dreams come true.



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